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Author Some of our Satisfied Customers

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Some of these projects we have done through contracts for - in coop. with our strategic associate firms. More customers in our Training Services.

Testimonials are very valuable because they are "The Voice of Our Customers" We will include a few in this page...

Time to show off? Well, somewhat. the idea is not really about the show off, rather it is just a sampler of some improvements we have helped our customers to implement and have been really good for their operations. Actually all our projects are successful at improving productivity, bottom line: money to put in your pocket.

This is not something that we do by ourselves. The key to success in all these projects has been a result of the cooperation, creativity, ingenuity and good will of the management and the people on the floor. Without them we would be Nothing! and get Nowhere! 

Ford Motor Co. Cuautitlan, Mexico and Pico Rivera, California

PM system Implementation.

Water proof self adjustment system. Setup time reduction from 7 minutes + 2 operators to 2 seconds + no operator.

PUC Publicity Products, Mexico City, Mexico

Design for Manufacturing illuminated signs with 5 operations and 11 parts instead of original 23 operations and 35 parts.

ESPAC Computers, Queretaro, Mexico

Cellular assembly process design

Just in Time implementation and coordination with supply chain. Brought lead time from 3 days to one hour 30 minutes

ZQC never inspection within the process 

NaSSCo. (a division of General Dynamics), California

TPM implementation in 64 projects. One outstanding Project brought a production area from 74% to 99+% in uptime in less than three months, and has stayed there!

Development of a program to cover the whole plant in estimated five years.

Root Cause Analysis special course development taught to 120+ maintenance work force employees.

EXXON, La Guajira, Colombia and Lost Hills, California

TPM basic and advanced training for top management, production and maintenance supervision and workforce.

Not disclosed Golf Club Mfr. California

Cell redesign to implement ZQC eliminating a whole QC department of six inspectors and about 3500 Sq. Ft.

Not disclosed vitamin and special nutrition producer, California

Setup time reduction from 3½ hrs. to less than 30 minutes (and improving) at packaging stations.

Implementation of machine feeding improvements. Standardization of working and setup procedures.

Paperwork simplification from 96 to 12 pages per order.

Raw material supply and tracking controls.

Cell redistribution cutting a 40+ miles cumulative  walk to less than one mile per day.

Miscellaneous additional improvements. All together these two projects will render more than 80 million in additional revenue each year. (Customer calculation).

Amurol Confections, a Company of Wrigley's 
(#1 World manufacturer of chewing and bubble gum)



TPM implementations in three sheeter machines of different models (three different projects), with substantial improvements in autonomous maintenance and setup simplification. Reduction of wastes and setup times up to 90%+. The following is part of a message that their VP of Operations sent us:

"I might add that our two current champions for TPM (Michelle and Dave) have been doing an incredible job for their first two attempts. They have done a tape packing line and our Bug City line. The latter was completed last week and uncovered 61 opportunities of which only 15 remain unsolved." 

Lupe Álvarez

It is our commitment with our customers to create teams of competent people within their workforce to replicate the implementation process.

Other Testimonial, from Ocean Science...

Enrique Mora rolled into our small manufacturing facility and over the course of a few meetings changed our world dramatically.  He is the proverbial ‘walking encyclopedia’ of cutting edge manufacturing knowledge. 

We have new tools now  -kaizen events,  kanbans, spaghetti charts,  flip charts and shop videos to name a few, and have all hands involved in creating continually better processes, products, and a cleaner, happier work environment.  Thank you, Enrique, for your commitment to excellence and for your excellent service.  “Oh my dog!”



Of course, the success of your project is not related to the success of other companies, but to you and your people's commitment to excellence. We take care of bringing your group up to a top level of participation and the creativity for improvements starts popping up!

We do not create the improvements, we create the environment to facilitate them. That is the right service that you need. Your work teams become a cohesive, creative, self motivated and self confident force that will spread the benefits of Lean Manufacturing throughout all the plant. We then keep following up to see if there is some help we may provide to other areas and keep the improvements going.

We will be pleased to set an appointment, visit your plant and define if it qualifies for a successful Kaizen process. We only take projects with the right leadership environment for a strong likelihood for success. 

New Program only 8 to 12 hours:
Kaizen Knowledge for Effective Lean Management

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