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  • Lean Manufacturing

  • - 5Ss - Work space optimization

  • - Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

  • Our Autonomous Maintenance Program
  • - Process Analysis 
  • - Plant Layout - Space reduction

  • - Up-Time improvement

  • - Cost Reduction

  • - Total Productive Maintenance - Autonomous Maintenance

  • - SMED - Fast-More efficient Setups

  • - Just In Time Delivery

  • - Kanban

  • - One Piece Flow - Pull System

  • - P.O.U.S - Negotiation with the Supply Chain

  • - Strategic Partnerships

  • - Energy cost reduction

  • - Work-Station Balancing

  • - VSM - Value Stream Mapping 

  • - Value added and non-value added processes

  • - Balanced Score-Card

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  • Management and Leadership

  • - SWOTT: Analysis of the Strengths, Weaknesses,     Opportunities, Threats, and Trends 

  • - Vision - Mission Statements

  • -Problem Resolution Skills

  • - High Performance Teams

  • - Turning Bosses into Leaders

  • - Communication - Motivation - Negotiation

  • - People Skills

  • - Rewards and Recognition

  • - Self Management

  • - Grow or Go (also called Up or Out)

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  • Quality

  • - Delivering Value in the Eyes of the Customer 

  • - Quality Assurance 

  • - Autonomous Quality Implementation <Jidoka>

  • - Poka-Yoke - Defect and Error Proof Systems

  • - Zero Defects path to Six Sigma

  • - Design of Experiments

  • - Six Sigma Certifications Green Belt - Black Belt

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  • On The Job Training

  • - Basic academics: Math - Blueprint - CNC Programming

  • - English as a Second Language

  • - Spanish as a Second Language 

  • - Customer Service

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  • Lean Office

  • - Cut the waste from non-sense 

  • - Continuous Improvement

  • - Reduce procedure lead- time

  • - Expedite results-Reduce authorization barriers

  • - Energy efficiency

  • - Reduce cross-traffic and distances

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  • Customer Service
  • - Communication Skills and vital strategies 

  • - Conflict Control

  • - Empathy with the Customer

  • - Expedite results-Reduce authorization barriers

  • - Conversion of Complaints

  • - Pursuit of resolutions and Completeness (closing the cycle)

  • -Customer Satisfaction Assurance

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  • Lean Healthcare
  • - Customer Perception of Value
  • - Mistake proofing processes
  • - Team Building and Improving
  • - Continuous Improvement
  • - and Many More
  • What has made us different and more successful?
    If I had to answer about the Only One characteristic that has made our success in this business, I would have to go for our ability to adapt and create customized materials that fit the needs of each of our customers.

    Training the workforce is among the best investment Manufacturers can make nowadays. Especially with the trend of consumers asking for new price breaks all the time, we don't want those breaks to come out of Your profit, but from what We Can reduce from your cost. That cost, which until Today, includes a good number of wastes as we know in the Lean environment. The only way to keep our customers happy and still stay in business is Reducing Cost. That is exactly the result of focusing our efforts into a Better Way of doing whatever we do. 

    We Reduce your Cost - You Stay in Business

    How can we achieve all that?

    • Improving - Streamilining the Process

    • Increasing capacity - Usually without adding investment

    • Reducing waste of resources

    • Having a more skilled, educated, motivated, and trained  Workforce

    As time goes by, we see these needs increase. Companies have, for example, growing Hispanic populations because they have discovered that the Hispanic Workforce is good in many ways. Some operations are very demanding, they require manual skills, strength, standing adverse or uncomfortable conditions, and it is necessary to have workers that can support us in their performance. 

    Training all the workforce is critical in today's Manufacturing Industry. With respect to the Hispanic workforce, we need more their appropriate training than they need to learn English. For that reason , most companies are now providing training in Spanish to their workforce. Also many of them are having their middle management learn Spanish, or looking for bilingual supervisors and managers.

    At MORA International Consulting we are equipped to provide our services anywhere in the world. We have many experts in adult education and provide services in practically all subjects imaginable. 

    We can do this In Person.

    We will choose what is called a "Pilot Area" in your plant, where a good number of people from the rest of the plant can see the progress and get the feeling of the Active Motivation that takes place in a Kaizen Event.

    We can also train your team via Live Video-Conferencing.

    This is only recommended for teams that are already highly motivated into the process of Kaizen-Continuous Improvement, and the cost is lower compared with traveling to seminars or getting a Consultant or Trainer in your site. 

    Money Back Guarantee

    We Practically Pay for 
    Providing our Services to you

    We guarantee our services with a Money Back Policy. So far in more than 25 years we never had any complaints. Most customers get their ROI - Return On Investment more than 4 times per year, and none less than twice per year. Peak performers have achieved returns of Thousands percent every year; year after year! 

    This means: You recover in a year at least twice what you paid for our services.

    In both training formats you get all the presentations and study guides necessary for the trainees to get all the support and information they need. They do this in their own time-lines and frequently at home in their spare time. These materials are given to you with an open license to copy and print. You can share it with any number of associates within your company (only).

    We are associated with many different entities to provide the best education, training, advice, and management on any of the listed subjects. We have a body of experts in more than 10 countries to develop, help, and deploy the initiatives from which your company may benefit the most.

    Feel free to contact us so we can address your needs and provide useful - practical recommendations even if you decide Not To Hire our services. Remember: We guarantee our services with a Money Back Policy. You have Nothing to Lose. 

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    Kaizen Knowledge for Effective Lean Management

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    Toll Free: 866-611-MORA (6672).

    If you find our free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together
    one on one!

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