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Lean Manufacturing?  

YES! You can...


Enrique Mora

People involved in business today are convinced this is a different arena than it was a decade ago. If you want to succeed at keeping participation in the market, it is mandatory to be ready to follow the current trend. 

 Lean Manufacturing is a set of strategies that brings your business to a competitive level and higher profits.

You  have heard about Lean Manufacturing and are aware of the way in which your business should start leaning towards this proven concept. 

Some companies have chosen to wait until their competitors phase in these changes to see if they should too. The competition has reached such a fast pace that just a few months later could be a little too late to make the decision to go Lean.

Going lean does not mean switching an operation 180º overnight. It can, and actually should be,  done at a rather low pace. All successful implementations of Lean Manufacturing have taken years. This gradual implementation takes place through a process of Continuous Improvement (C.I.). This is a strategy that the Japanese have mastered for some decades now.

There is a Japanese word for C.I.: Kaizen.  

Most leading companies have been establishing C.I. or Kaizen managements as a way to survive the daily growing competition. Some companies had to receive a very close call from competition before they decided that it was time to adopt the new ways. Some other companies pretended that there was no need for C.I. and years later, they simply vanished. That is the case of several automotive, electronics, photography, optics and even food companies.  

The strategies are really very simple. They are focused on:  

·        Lowering inventories

·        Avoiding wastes of resources

·        Improving the value stream

·        Reducing costs in general

·        Increasing the quality of the process and the product

·        Improving the safety and the morale of your personnel

·        Increasing the reliability of your equipment

·        And many other logical issues 

Whatever your industry or field, competition is likely to become fierce in the years to come if it has not yet started to. If you can acknowledge that fact, you are probably thinking of becoming Lean. Then the How?, When?, and How much? can start haunting you.  

As we said before, you can take your time to get there, but it is definitely important to begin that transition NOW… if not Yesterday!    

If your company has Hispanic employees, we can provide you with our bilingual service at NO extra cost.

If you would like to find out how your company can get started and if your company is within driving distance of San Diego, we have excellent news for you.  

We, at  MORA Consulting,  can come to your facility for FREE, and provide you with some input and measuring tools that will allow for you to determine if your company is ready to start this process.

If you are not in our area, we will do our best to be of service at a very affordable fee.  

We have been doing this for many years and 100% of our customers have succeeded in their implementation efforts. Some have saved just a few thousands of dollars; while others are getting several millions in extra revenue every year after our projects took place.

Please CLICK HERE to let us know if you would like to give us and give yourself the opportunity of a lifetime to land in your plant the benefits of Lean Manufacturing.

You will receive an email with a verification question, please answer that question as soon as you receive it to access our email directly.

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