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The Keys to Successful Lean Implementation

The proven Toyota® Production System's tools and their detailed "how-to" utilization. 
We are introducing this new E-Handbook that has been in the making for almost one year. 

Enrique Mora shares with the readers his knowledge and learning experiences of more than 50 years in the Industry, including the Kaizen Event he just finished last week.
Includes pictures of real cases.
Continuous update Guarantee!

Introductory Price: 
$ 9.90

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This Product

 You are buying an electronic book and will get it immediately 
with no Taxes or Shipping Costs

management ebook
Just $ 9.94

Management Through Leadership

Practical Guide to develop and enhance your Leadership Skills with continuous update and instant index. You can print or read as many times as you want and without Downloads to your PC
You will get it immediately 
with no shipping costs

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This Product

You are buying an electronic book and will get it immediately 
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tpm manual
TPM Practical Implementation Manual
with continuous update and instant index. You can print or read as many times as you want and without Downloads to your PC
$ 6.99

You will get it immediately 
with no shipping costs


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This Product

You are buying an electronic book and will get it immediately 
with no Taxes or Shipping Costs

power of kaizen

Kaizen-Eng Digital

The Power of Kaizen Events Click here To Preview Contents
in Digital Format Continuously Improved!
Instant Delivery! NO downloads!

Get started now and enjoy the most effective way to implement the
Lean Manufacturing 
Strategies and Culture.

Now Only $6.99! 

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This Product

You are buying an electronic book and will get it immediately 
with no Taxes or Shipping Costs

tpm en español

Versión Electrónica en Línea

TPM Manual de Implementación 
Haga Clic para ver el Temario

  Solamente: $ 6.99

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Rojo para Ordenar  
Con actualización permanente e Índice instantáneo, pudiendo imprimirlo o simplemente leerlo en pantalla tantas veces desea: 

Solamente $6.99

Lo Recibirá Inmediatamente 
Sin Costos de envío!!!


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CD with PowerPoint Presentations

All our PowerPoint Presentations
in Animated and Editable Format: 
Free $0.00

just pay Membership and Copyrights:

$5.99 in the US


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Out of the US:


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Here you can buy Consulting Time

Video-Conference Time


Telephone or
Video Conference


We will keep answering any inquiries for FREE to all our readers who want to ask general questions about implementations and improvements of their operations. We do this via EMail or our Toll Free Phone #
1-866-611-MORA (6672) 
8 to 8 Mon-Fri US Pacific Time

Since many manufacturers have been asking for more extensive Consulting Services on the Phone or through Video-Conference through the Internet, we have decided to provide that kind of service as well. 

The 60 minutes can be used all at once or in two or three calls. You are guaranteed to receive satisfactory solutions to your questions or problems or your minutes will not be charged. The calls will be made by us Toll Free to You at the time it is appropriate for you. 

You can have a group in your conference room for a teleconference, or videoconference, each person can be in their office or home computer.

 Full Satisfaction Guaranteed

60 minutes
$ 440.00

Buy 3 hours
get 4!



Compre aquí Tiempo de Consultoría por VideoConferencia
phone ringing

Teléfono o VideoConferencia


Siempre hemos contestado GRATIS toda pregunta que nos hacen nuestros lectores y clientes y lo seguiremos haciendo con gusto, lo hacemos por email o en nuestra línea sin costo:
1-866-611-MORA (6672)
de 8 a 8 en Tiempo del Pacífico de los EEUU.

Muchos industriales nos habían solicitado un servicio más extenso de consultoría por teléfono o mediante "VideoConferencia" y con gusto se los ofrecemos ahora. 

Los minutos se podrán usar todos en una sola llamada o en dos o tres segmentos que convengan a sus requerimientos. Las llamadas las haremos a cargo nuestro y a los horarios que resulten más convenientes para ustedes. 

Pueden tener un grupo de personas en la Tele-Conferencia y si es por chat, cada persona puede estar en su computadora en su casa u oficina.

60 minutos
$ 440.00

Compra 3 horas y Recibe 4


tpm en español

Manual: "TPM en Español" 
Encuadernado con Sistema de Anillos de Acero. Incluye CD con presentaciones PowerPoint sobre Manufactura Esbelta 

Haga Clic Aqui Para 
Leer el Temario 
de Este Manual  

 Sólo esta semana: $6.98



Sistemas Visuales para
Mejorar la Efectividad del Equipo
Versión en Español
$ 12.00

Click para Ordenar
Este Producto


Paquete Conteniendo ambos productos que aparecen a la izquierda: 
Manual de TPM en Español y Sistemas Visuales en Español ahorrando en el envío...

$ 18.95

Click para Ordenar
Este Paquete

tpm manual

TPM Practical Implementation Manual.- Includes a CD with PowerPoint Presentations on the different Strategies of Lean Manufacturing  

$ 15.00

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This Product


Click here to learn more about this New Book!

Lean Machines for World-Class Manufacturing and Maintenance

by Robert M. Williamson

NEW edition: $ 30.00

Please Note: This new book contains all the Visual Systems and adds more valuable content.


Paq. Eng


Package of the two books on the left saving in shipping and handling 



Please Note: This new book contains all the previous Visual Systems and adds more valuable content.


opportunity card

Opportunity Cards
Tarjetas de Oportunidad

They come in Both Languages - Vienen en Ambos Idiomas

Click HERE to read the 
USE of The Opportunity Cards

They are a very important element in your TPM projects and Kaizen Events. They assure you have a clear vision of the opportunities and problems found and let you keep them under control. 

Please click the button next to the quantity you want to order.

Son un elemento indispensable en tus proyectos TPM y Eventos Kaizén pues te permiten tener una clara visión de las oportunidades y problemas encontrados y tenerlos bajo control.

Por favor haz clic en el botón correspondiente a la cantidad deseada.

Haga CLIC AQUÍ para leer e imprimir el 
USO de Las Tarjetas de Oportunidad

100 cards= $20.00 
100 Tarjetas = $20.00
$ 0.20 each c/u

500 cards= $90.00
500 Tarjetas = $90.00
$ 0.18 each c/u

1,000 cards= $110.00 
each Thousand- por Millar
$ 0.11 each c/u



In orders of 5,000 or more we will put your logo at no cost. 


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!

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