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Training Services
Lean Manufacturing Consulting, Training, and Implementation 
with Guaranteed Motivated Sustainability

Enrique Mora

For more than 50 years now, Enrique Mora has been a successful trainer in different subjects. Since his first intervention in the Foundry and later the Truck assembly plant at the Mexican facilities of Ford Motor Company in Cuautitlán, central Mexico, he has developed a passion for TPM and Lean Manufacturing. 

Did you know? Your company can have the services and continuous support of a Lean Manufacturing Expert without having to pay for one!

Enrique also successfully implemented TPM in one of the largest industrial facilities in Southern California. 

He became restless by the fact that although every year many thousands of  companies send their executives, engineers and technicians to train on TPM, only a few hundred have succeeded in the process. He thought that America badly needs this implementation and created this website with the purpose of promoting this philosophy.

MORA International Consulting Services has also created a program on Customer Satisfaction. All kinds of businesses, services included, require the urgent improvement of that particular subject. In order to succeed in any kind of activity we all must focus on Customer Service.

We also have developed and constantly update our seminar focused on the needs of the managerial groups. It is called Management Through Leadership and contributes to the management of the chalenges that are intrinsic in the process to implement the different Lean Manufacturing Strategies.

Our industrial training programs are comprised of the different philosophies of the "Toyota Production System". The American version of which is called "Lean Manufacturing". 

Some of the most important are:

  • Kaizen Events.- Continuous improvement processes applied by areas. These are the key to effective implementations.

  • Work Cells manufacturing. Changing the mass production of the first half of the past Century into the one-piece-flow system that will fit the current needs of the fast paced marketplace.

  • 5"S".- Process to unclutter areas and improve space utilization. This allows us to discover obstructions, wasted spaces, leaks and even insecure and unsafe conditions.

  • Just In Time .- The entire supply chain is brought into harmonious cooperation for a more efficient flow of parts and products, materials or services, and lower cost of operation. 

  • SMED.- Quick Change.- The capacity of rapidly adapting from one operation to another: 
    Change of  flavor, size or product. This reduces the downtime in impressive proportions.

  • All the above turns around the TPM Implementation since it is, from our point of view, the first step of culture acquisition in the new disciplines.

One of the most important aspects to achieve an efficient implementation is the development of a training program according to the particular needs of each plant. This "tailored" plan is enhanced with the input of key people in the plant: (In alphabetical order, since hierarchy is no longer considered synonymous of importance)

  • Engineers

  • Executives

  • Maintenance technicians

  • Production operators

  • Supervisors

Priorities are carefully determined and analyzed. A preliminary scheduled TPM launching program is developed. 
A number of people from diverse areas are trained, hands-on, in a pilot project. 
A clear action is taken and the results start showing up. After that, the TPM coordinator keeps growing in confidence and knowledge and (s)he can count on direct support from the headquarters of TPMonLine for three full years at no extra cost.

In all cases, there is the need to do a special session for high level executives, directors, etc. so they learn of the benefits and requirements; and become good supporters of the implementation process.

Enrique Mora is the head of our training services. We also have highly skilled consultants-trainers in: México, Colombia, Peru, India, Spain, Austria, France, the U.S. and Kenya. We currently serve more than sixty countries in twelve languages.

At TPMonLine we are very confident in our skills, experience and expertise. That is why we guarantee results!

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Consulting, Training, and Implementation Services

Click here to see Enrique Mora's Résumé

Success Stories:

There is a large number of companies who have been succeeding in their Lean Manufacturing implementation efforts. We will show here their "Agents of Change"... It is their people who make the success possible. We only help them develop self-motivation!

NASSCO, San Diego, California, USA 

Metaldyne, Niles, IL, USA

Dynasol Polymers, Altamira, Mexico

...and Hundreds More!






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