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  • This will be our TPMonLine Central page in the process of remodeling the websites of Lean Expertise Group. LESS THEORY AND MORE PRACTICAL, MEASURABLE, SUSTAINABLE RESULTS IN ALL OUR IMPLEMENTATIONS!
  • Esta página es una portada para mi libro "Armonía es todo lo que Necesitas"
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  • This article was published in Maintenance Technology Magazine in July 2013 and describes the best way to share knowledge and produce more awareness of the responsiblities that everyone has to upkeep Equipment in the best possible shape. Autonomous Maintenance grows as we share qith our techs and operators the right knowledge.
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  • Cada día debemos medir nuestra capacidad instalada y Utilizada
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  • The need to perform at World Class Stature can be solved by this simple reasoning: Bring Management, Maintenance, and Manufacturing up to their excellence. World Class Enterprises must focus an all three if they want an harmonious growth.
  • La "Estrategia de las 3 M's" es un balanceo de crecimiento de los tres factores fundamentales de la empresa. Equilibrio entre gerencia, mantenimiento y manufactura contribuye a una mayor colaboración de todos en la implementación de las mejores prácticas en cada área de responsabilidad.
  • evryone should get involved in this task: avoid down-time eliminate down-time reduce down-time assure up-time create a training environment
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  • mejores prácticas de mantenimiento mantenimiento autónomo mantenimiento cruzado profesionalización del equipo técnicos profesionales de mantenimiento optimización de mantenimiento preventivo mantenimiento preventivo optimizado PMO 5S indispensable requirements for implementation requisitos básicos para implementar tpm tpr mantenimiento clase mundial
  • This is a list of the most common uses of a color code to identify piping that carries fluids, gases, etc
  • explanation of the use of the Opportunity Card system, the control and documentation, the display in the Visual Board of each area.
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  • When you want to control anything, the first step is to Measure It! Most companies have outlooked their Maintenance Activity to the point they do not exactly what is their Cost of Maintenance. Sometimes they have a sum of what they pay for repairing machines and facility, that is for the most part "Their Cost of No Maintenance!
  • We must be selective about the information that we manage, especially when we are talking about Work Orders. When finished they MUST bring in the root cause of the problem so we can take actions to prevent ther recurrence. Chronic problems take a big part of the Maintenacne budget.
  • Urge creat la cultura del Análisis de Causa Raíz, Reducción de problemas crónicos,
  • Este artículo de Enrique Mora fue publicado por la revista Maintenance Technology y muestra la mejor forma en que una empresa puede lograr resolver el problema muy común de la industria de hoy para conseguir técnicos y otros especialistas calificados. ¡Hágalos usted mismo!
  • Here is an explanation of how our new Website will be of better service and easier navigation for our readers, including links to hundreds of Articles and Case-Studies
  • This page describes our no-cost-to-you policy. This means that if you do not get results from our consulting services, you get your Money Back. We have done this for more than 30 years and are constantly up to date in the current advanncements of World-Class Maintenance, Leadership and Management Development, and Lean Manufacturing Implementation.
  • Mantenimiento Basado en la Condición es una tendencia que se está viendo promovida por la integración de sistemas, instrumentos y equipos de Mantenimiento Predictivo y avances en el manejo de la información que permiten contar con datos precisos y tomar decisiones de mantenimiento mayor. Esto evita desperdicio de tiempo y reemplazo innecesario de partes.
  • With the new advances in technology for monitoring and data management CBM Condition Based Maintenance turns intoa powerful ally of the Maintenance professionals.
  • After 13 years on line, TPMonLine is setting this new structure to make navigation easier for all
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