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You Are Your Best

Thank you for being here!

“You Are Your Best” is a call for all of us to discover how powerful and influential we are. We all can reflect on this and start performing better than ever before. People within your circle and outside will be surprised as to how much energy and power you can develop and convey just by making a few adjustment in the way you can use your best features.
Hello, my name is Enrique Mora
I have had a very rich life all along. At this time I feel the need to revive a successful movement I created some years ago. At that time my program "Let us be better people" won an award as the best of its genre.
This time I would want to have the opportunity to reflect on the very pains, atrophies, frustrations, and downturns of our society today.
My concern is: many of the core noble values of humanity have weakened and many people just complain about it without taking any action!
This program is about reflections on your own behaviors and how You Can, with your strongest voice: Example; influence your surroundings and better your environment.
This new assertiveness can empower you to help people perform miracles to improve and strengthen some of the fundamental values that seem to be dying by the minute:

  • Respect
  • decency
  • altruism
  • integrity
  • humor
  • love
  • good manners
  • charity
  • cooperation
  • good will
  • moral support
  • role modeling
  • sane entertainment
  • positive attitudes
  • harmony
  • mutual understanding
  • joy for the well being of others


and so many other good strengths that we seem to be keeping in the dark, just because we feel powerless to change things.
The good news is: You have the power! You can make a difference! Just keep continuously developing your Self Esteem!
My invitation is to be here with us whenever you can devote a few minutes to discover something You can start immediately doing to change the world and challenge the very circumstances that have brought our society to a human decline.
Feel free to contact me anytime on these subjects, send me your own thoughts or articles to be published here. Only rule: Be Authentic and Positive, Speak the Truth!
“You Are Your Best” is not just a phrase, it is the truth.
No exterior help can support, strengthen you better, and propel your success than Your Own capacities and skills.

Enrique Mora
SKYPE: enriquesdca
2750 Flower Fields Way
Carlsbad, CA 92010
Phone 760-450-6025


If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!



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