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You Are Your Best
when You Cooperate

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According to studies made by experts in human behavior, we all, human beings are not open to receive orders, we actually reject any intentions of anyone else to “make us” do something.

It is a psychological assault, some people say. Giving orders to others is then usually a waste of energy, because of that natural resistance to receiving orders. On the other hand, it is also proven that people love to cooperate, especially if they are to help a successful cause. We all want to be a part of a success.

Cooperation exists in Human Nature

Cooperation is therefore a natural way of behaving. Obviously if we want to get someone’s cooperation we must be capable of motivating people. We can do that if we develop the skill of communicating in a way that people can perceive a benefit from that cooperation. That benefit can be simple. Our recognition is in many cases good enough. Of course if we can offer something more than the recognition, something the other person values, then the cooperation will be naturally stronger.

Cooperation is a part of Leadership

Families or work groups with a good leadership structure will constantly receive cooperation from the members to the objectives of the group. They all understand the benefits and the responsibility and accountability for the results expected.

Enterprises require Cooperation

Participation in a cooperative environment is critical for the success of major causes. Major causes are those that usually an individual will not be capable of completing by himself or herself.

My invitation is to be here with us whenever you can devote a few minutes to discover something You can start immediately doing to change the world and challenge the very circumstances that have brought our society to a human decline.

Feel free to contact me anytime on these subjects, send me your own thoughts or articles to be published here. Only rule: Be Authentic and Positive, Speak the Truth!
“You Are Your Best” is not just a phrase, it is the truth.
No exterior help can support, strengthen you better, and propel your success than Your Own capacities and skills.

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If you find all this free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together one on one!



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