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Empathy, so difficult to give - so Pleasant to Recieve

Empathy is, as Larry Wilson one of the best motivators that has ever existed would say it:

“The Art of getting in the shoes of the other person.”

Of course this is in a figurative manner. The more we can use our imagination to feel, think, observe, enjoy, or suffer like the other person, the better we will be able to provide that person with the understanding they need. We all enjoy being understood and considered, especially in situations that are not completely agreeable.

A good customer service representative, doctor, nurse, police officer, salesperson, husband, wife, teacher, professor, professional of any kind, is always trying to empathize with the other persons. Doing this creates a positive attitude of the person towards us. If you want to be your best, empathy can turn to be one of your strongest skills!

To achieve this level of Human Relations it is necessary to develop some detachment of our personal thoughts and attitudes and really focus on the circumstances of the other person. Feel what they feel.

Consider the differences; use your imagination to understand the situation from Their Point of view. Do not expect them to react as you would. You have a different set of background, knowledge, education, and skills.

That “True Understanding” is what comes with empathy. It will bring your personal image and performance to a new level.

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