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You Are Your Best Motivator

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First of all Be Your Best Motivator.

That means finding in every moment and circumstance an opportunity to turn high the volume of the the positive things that come to you!

Also you want to become a good motivator for others. Most important tasks are difficult to achieve all by yourself.
Especially complex tasks require help from others. How good are we at getting voluntary help from others? If the answer is “not too good,” it is likely we can do better if we become better motivators.

Each time we are asked to do something even if it represents a minor effort, the first question that will come to our mind is:

“What is in it for me?”

So if we need the cooperation of other people to complete a project or achieve a goal, the first thing we need to think is: “What is in it for the others.” Second we will need to make sure that anything we ask others to help us with, represents a benefit or opportunity for them, and that we let them discover that positive factor.

It is not the same to tell your neighbor: “Please help me take this box upstairs” than asking them first: “Would you like to do me a favor?” or, even more effective: “do you think you can give me some help?”  By nature, we all find it difficult to say “I can’t.”

At that point we are giving the person a positive thought of doing a favor for us. One important discovery made by the specialists in human behavior is:

Nobody likes to receive orders,
but everyone wants to be of help!

So this process will work better for you even if the person is under your authority at work. Do not give them an order, instead, ask for their help!

Making sure the person is offered a reward, (“feeling the satisfaction of having helped you” in this case), you have much higher possibility of successfully getting that help.

I learned this lesson naturally from my dad. He would get any help he needed anytime. In not few cases he got his boss to come and help him with just that simple technique.

Practice your motivation skills, you will be surprised at all the help you can get!

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