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  Welcome to CMMS

Traducir al Espaņol


The current Manufacturing Plants and all kinds of other facilities, require a more dynamic, efficient, cost effective Maintenance Force. Maintenance Professionals need the tools to perform World Class Maintenance without having to do repetitive administrative operations and having to create piles of paperwork. CMMS-Computerized Maintenance Management Systems are one of the most valuable of these tools.


To provide a website within the Group devoted to help Facilities,  Maintenance, and Plant Engineering managers and practitioners as well as current and potential CMMS users to become aware of improvements and features to this vital group of Computer Systems. The purpose is to provide the clear and objective information that will help others make their own decisions.

CMMS Requirements

CMMS systems need to have some features to fit our needs:

  • Capacity - enough for our particular needs

  • Versatility - to be capable to add the features that we may require

  • Economy - cost effective affordable investment

  • Continuous update - we know how fast the world is moving

  • Friendliness and Ease of operation - anyone should understand them

As in all other of our Websites, we strive to bring together the readers input so every piece of information responds to their questions and needs.

In this site you will be able to find a variety of alternatives, information from the suppliers and the users of these programs. In some cases you can take a Test Drive at no cost. This will help you and your team make the appropriate decisions. 

We have been in the web for eleven years! a lifetime in Internet 


The TPMonLine Group has Hundreds of Articles and Important Pieces of Information. We are always glad to hear from you, so we add features and subjects to fit the always growing needs of our readers.

We would like to encourage CMMS Professionals, Skilled and New Users, Programmers, and Suppliers, as well as current or future potential users of CMMS to start sending your materials, brochures, tips, discoveries, and questions for review and publication in this website.

You would probably like to see:

CMMS for World Class Maintenance

CMMS integrated with your SAP or Maximo Systems

If you find our free information useful, just imagine how much your operation will improve when we can work together
one on one!

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